About LUP

Welcome to Leiden University Press.

  • Mission

    LUP fulfils the academic mission of Leiden University by publishing peer-reviewed books and journals for the international academic community.

    LUP publishes, in print and digital form, publications in the humanities, social sciences, and law related to the strong research at Leiden University. As an academic publisher LUP looks to serve a global community with publications both in print and digital form that are relevant to academic, professional and trade markets.

    The press supports first-class scholarship whilst maintaining high editorial and design standards. LUP cooperates for the editing and production of our publications with Leuven University Press. From the heart of the university, Leiden University Press disseminates academic research of the highest quality and with our Open Access publications and e-books we endeavour to apply new technology and models to the ever-changing landscape of academic publishing.

  • Editorial Advisory Board

    The editorial advisory board of Leiden University Press consists of the following scholars:

    Prof.dr. J.S. (Judith) Pollmann (chair)
    Prof.dr. I.C. (Ingrid) van Biezen
    Prof.dr. I.G.B.M. (Isabelle) Duijvesteijn
    Dr. R.J.E.H. (Rogier) Creemers
    Prof.dr. S. (Bas) Haring
    Prof.dr. N.O. (Niels) Schiller
    Dr. C.E. (Carel) Smith
    Prof. J. (Jo) Tollebeek
    Prof.dr. G.A. (Gerard) Wiegers

  • News

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