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‘We are committed to providing readers with books that offer reliable expertise, inspire and encourage informed debate.’

Leiden University Press brings scholarly knowledge to a global community of scholars and students. In keeping with Leiden University’s commitment to develop, disseminate and apply academic knowledge, we support first-class scholarship in the humanities, social sciences, and law whilst maintaining high editorial and design standards. 

Leiden University Press focuses on several subject areas: Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, History (Global, Military, Environmental), Asian Studies, Environmental Studies, Literary Studies, Language, Media Studies, Security Studies. More information for authors> 

Leiden imprints:

Academic books


Leiden Publications

Leiden University Press publishes high-quality academic books and journals within its imprint LUP Academic. See titles »

LUP textbooks are peer-reviewed learning, and teaching resources for higher education originated by academics. See titles »

Leiden Publications consists of books for a general audience – regional publications related to the research and history of the University and publications in cooperation with cultural institutions and museums in Leiden. See titles »

LUP Digital

At Leiden University Press, we publish our books in print and digitally. Some of our publications are accessible via Open Access, as we see Open Access as an opportunity to enhance the dissemination of academic research. More information about Open Access publishing »