Historian Johan Huizinga died 75 years ago

30 January 2020

On February 1, 2020 it is 75 years ago that Johan Huizinga died. The Dutch historian is best known for his works Autumntide of the Middle Ages, In the Shadow of Tomorrow and Homo Ludens.

In 2020 Leiden University Press and Leiden University Libraries will commemorate Johan Huizinga.

Autumntide of the Middle Ages

This Spring a new English translation of Huizinga’s Herfsttij der Middeleeuwen will be published by Leiden University Press. This edition is translated by Diane Webb, and edited by the Huizinga specialist Anton van der Lem, and medievalist Graeme Small. Herfsttij is celebrating its centenary and still ranks as one of the most perceptive and influential analyses of the medieval period. It is a classic study of life, culture and thought of fourteenth and fifteenth century France and the Netherlands.

Autumntide of the Middle Ages is a new and unabridged translation of Huizinga’s text and aims to capture its importance as a landmark of historical scholarship as well as remarkable work of literature. The translation is based on the Dutch edition of 1941 – the last edition Huizinga worked on and checked during his life. The retranslation is as faithful to the Dutch original as possible and will include beautiful new English renderings of the Old and Middle French poems. Over 300 works of art, illuminated manuscripts and miniatures pertinent to Huizinga’s discourse will be included as well as a complete bibliography of Huizinga’s own reading and an up-to-date introduction.

Huizinga Online

The website Huizinga Online was launched at the end of last year. Leiden University Libraries (UBL) has made the academic archive of Huizinga, Huizinga’s Collected Works and its correspondence digitally accessible. The website is available in Dutch and English and is regularly updated with new content.

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