IBSN: 9789087281199
Pages: 210
Format: Paperback
Published: March 2012
Language: English
Price: €45.95

Hidden Complexities of the Frankish Castle

Social Aspects of Space in the Configurational Architecture of Frankish Castles in the Holy Land, 1099-1291

This volume of ASLU presents an approach to Frankish castles with the space syntax, a method and theory that aims to study the relationship people have with built space. Employing space syntax on crusader castles brought new insights into the functioning of the fortress both in the social structure and behaviour of the inhabitants of the castles.


For the basic of this work, Eva Mol won the ‘Leidse Universitaire Scriptieprijs’ for writing the most excellent Master-thesis of Leiden University in the year 2009. She works at the University of Leiden on spatial analysis and Roman domestic contexts.



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