Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200
IBSN: 9789087282264
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
Published: April 2015
Language: English
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Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200

This volume explores the production and use of medieval manuscripts that contain classical Latin texts. Six experts in the field address a range of topics related to these manuscripts, including how classical texts were disseminated throughout medieval society, how readers used and interacted with specific texts, and what these books look like from a material standpoint. This collection of essays also considers the value of studying classical manuscripts as a distinct group, and demonstrates how such a collective approach can add to our understanding of how classical works functioned in medieval society. Focusing on the period 800-1200, when classical works played a crucial role in the teaching of grammar, rhetoric, and dialectics, this volume investigates how classical Latin texts were copied, used, and circulated in both discrete and shared contexts.

Contributions by Robert Gary Babcock, David T. Gura, Erik Kwakkel, Irene O’Daly, Mariken Teeuwen and Rodney Thomson.


Erik Kwakkel is Associate Professor in palaeography at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society and Principal Investigator of the NWO-funded research project ‘Turning Over a New Leaf: Manuscript Innovation in the Twelfth-Century Renaissance’.


“The essays and abundant images in this slim, handsome volume add additional evidence uncovering how classical learning became Europeanized and a constituent part of the amalgam that made up Western European culture until the nineteenth century. Manuscripts of the Latin Classics, 800-1200 joins its predecessors as a worthy companion in the Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Book Culture series. Each of the essays has something new and thought -provoking to say about book culture from its particular perspective.” – John J. Contreni, Purdue University, The Medieval Review 2017.


“Altogether this expert, useful, and broad-ranging volume merits the epithet “innovative”. Each essay is researched and developed to the highest standard. The color plates at the end of the volume augment the black-and-white photographs and diagrams within the chapters. Scholars of classical reception in the Middle Ages will welcome this fine addition to the material history of that field, and professors can direct students to the essays collected here in confidence that the expositions will be at once accessible and reliably informative. Manuscripts of the Latin Classics 800-1200 enters the field with great energy and will be a significant influence long into the future” – Rita Copeland, University of Pennsylvania, Journal for Manuscript Studies, Vol. 1, Nr. 2, Fall 2016.


“These six engaging essays all treat classical texts in medieval manuscripts from a variety of perspectives but always with an eye on physical traits and the contemporary cultural milieux. We all know we should not judge a book by its cover, a saying especially appropriate for the present publication, as it contains far greater riches than its modest format and slender appearance would have you believe.” – Erika Kihlman, Stockholm University, Speculum 91/2 (April 2016).


“Again, this is a well-edited volume of engaging, innovative and path-blazing papers. The book represents an impressive contribution to scholarship on a variety of medieval topics as well as a number of classical authors and texts.” – Aidan Keally Conti, Associate Professor Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies, University of Bergen, Norway


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