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Meaning versus Grammar

An Inquiry into the Computation of Meaning and the Incompleteness of Grammar Crit Cremers|Maarten Hijzelendoorn|Hilke Reckman

About this book

Meaning versus Grammar investigates the complicated relationship between grammar, computation, and meaning in natural languages. It details conditions under which meaning-driven processing of natural language is feasible, discusses an operational and accessible implementation of the grammatical cycle for Dutch, and offers analyses of a number of further conjectures about constituency and entailment in natural language.

Crit Cremers is an associate professor in formal semantics and computational linguistics at Leiden University.

Maarten Hijzelendoorn is a senior software engineer at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University.

Hilke Reckman is a senior researcher in natural language processing.


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  1. ISBN: 9789087282127
  2. Published: September 2014
  3. Pages: 353
  4. Language: English
  5. Format: Paperback
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  • Prof. Ruth Kempson, King’s College London

    "This book is unique in my experience in giving this amount of detail to setting out the Dutch case with respect to separately a parser and generator, and the motivation for this as a property of the framework itself is wholly novel. But what makes this book such a winner is its style: I know of no other book at this level of formal explicitness that is such a joy to read."

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