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Tiempo, Cosmos Y Religión Del Pueblo Ayuuk (Mexico)

Juan Carlos Reyes Gómez

About this book

This book is a study of the time and space, the calendar and the religion of the Ayuuk people (Oaxaca, Mexico). Time-space is a line that goes from top to bottom, where what happened is left below and what is about to happen will come from above.
The universe has four major directions: east, north, west and south, associated with red, white, yellow and black colors and with year chargers reed, flint, house and deer, respectively. The cosmos has three levels: overworld, face of the earth and underworld. The face of the earth coincides with the face of the sky, forming a sacred space called nääxwiiny-tsajpwiiny, the place where we live.
In the field of religion, the primordial gods Tääy-Jëkëëny are spoken of, who are invoked when beginning the celebration of religious cults. Also speak of other gods or divine beings like Kontoy and Tajëëw.

Raúl Macuil Martínez is an historian and was born in Apizaco, Mexico. His research focuses on the history of the Nahua peoples of Tlaxcala.

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  1. ISBN: 9789087282882
  2. Published: July 2017
  3. Pages: 208
  4. Language: Spanish
  5. Format: Paperback
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