Tlamatiliztli: la sabiduria del pueblo nahua

Filosofia intercultural y derecho a la tierra (Mexico) Osiris Sinuhé González Romero

About this book

This book provides a systematic analysis of the wisdom coined by Nahua people of Mexico, based on historical sources and archaeological evidence, as well as on the knowledge developed by contemporary indigenous communities and the contributions of indigenous scholars. The author demonstrates how the cognitive structures embedded in indigenous languages are useful in the development of an intercultural epistemology.


Osiris Sinuhé González Romero obtained his PhD at the Faculty of Archaeology, Heritage of Indigenous Peoples, Leiden University. He was awarded the Coimbra Group Scholarship for Young Professors and Researchers from Latin American Universities in 2015.

ToC Tlamatiliztli

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  1. ISBN: 9789087283742
  2. Published: June 2021
  3. Pages: 230
  4. Language: Spanish
  5. Format: Paperback
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