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World History - a Genealogy

Private Conversations with World Historians Carolien Stolte, Alicia Schrikker

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World History — a Genealogy charts the history of the discipline through twenty-five in-depth conversations with historians whose work has shaped the field of world history in fundamental ways. These conversations, which took place over a period of twenty years for the world history journal Itinerario, cover these historians’ lives, work, and views of the academy in general and the field of world history in particular. An extensive introduction distills the most important developments in the field from these conversations, and sheds light on what these historians have in common, as well as — perhaps more importantly — what separates them.

Carolien Stolte is an assistant professor of history at Leiden University and editor-in-chief of the journal Itinerario. Her research focuses on the history of South Asia in a transregional perspective.

Alicia Schrikker is assistant professor of history at Leiden University. She works on colonial history in Asia and has a particular interest in natural disasters and socio-legal history.

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  1. ISBN: 9789087282769
  2. Published: April 2017
  3. Pages: 430
  4. Language: English
  5. Format: Paperback
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  • Sunil Amrith, Harvard University

    “This splendid compendium of interviews provides many insights into the development of world history as an area of scholarship. The conversations provide an entry point into some enduring historiographical debates, but they also convey a vivid sense of the personalities who have shaped the field over many decades, with a good dose of humour and charm thrown in. The editorial introduction is a superb distillation of the field, past and present.”

  • Peer Vries, International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam

    “World history is often associated with abstract processes and structures. But like all history it is written by real people of flesh and blood. In this fascinating volume, famous world historians tell about themselves and their work. I do not know a better introduction into world history ‘in action’.”

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