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Series - Colonial and Global History through Dutch Sources

The Colonial and Global History through Dutch Sources series stimulates historical research based on Dutch archival and primary sources. These sources are imperative for understanding Dutch overseas history from the time of the earliest explorations to the latest phase of decolonization. At the same time, Dutch sources provide a fascinating contemporary window on the regional histories of Africa, the Americas, and Asia and how these areas were linked through global networks of migration, trade, and empire. Hence the series effectively combines Dutch sources with materials of other European powers and/or that of their local African, American, and Asian counterparts. The result is a peer-refereed series of dissertations, monographs, edited volumes, and edited translations of key texts that not only build on the rich Dutch colonial archive but also integrate the Dutch case into a much wider global framework of comparisons and connections.


Jos Gommans (Leiden University)


Cátia Antunes (Leiden University)
Lennart Bes (Leiden University)
Jan-Bart Gewald (Leiden University)
Michiel van Groesen (Leiden University)
Gert Oostindie (KITLV: Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies)

Advisory Board

Tonio Andrade (Emory University)
Gita Dharampal-Frick (Heidelberg University)
Chris Ebert (Brooklyn College, New York)
Jorge Flores (European University Institute, Florence)
Anne McGinness (John Carroll University)
Filipa Ribeiro da Silva (IISG: International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam)
Marcus Vink (State University of New York at Fredonia