Series - Environmental Justice

Against the backdrop of the world’s three environmental crises – pollution, climate change and nature loss – and growing socio-economic inequalities, the field of environmental justice is a critical area of academic inquiry. Generally, this field focuses on the complex social, political and cultural aspects of these crises. This book series investigates a range of themes with a special focus on those that relate to human rights, including but not limited to environmental rights, intergenerational justice, climate migrations, rights of nature, and climate litigation through different disciplinary lenses. The aim of the series is to probe into difficult and challenging questions and present sound and cutting-edge answers from both a local and global perspective. The Series Editors welcome submissions of monographs and edited collections that combine rigorous academic theory or legal analysis with practical applications in a way that is pertinent to a global and diverse readership of scholars as well as policy-makers, practitioners and activists.

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Series editors

Dr Margaretha Wewerinke-Singh, Associate Professor of Sustainability Law, Faculty of Law, University of Amsterdam

Dr Jelena Belic, Lecturer in Political Theory, The Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Leiden University